Current Appeal

The Masjid of Khanqah and Makhdoom Shah Safi Hostel are under construction, Please offer your support for both of them.


About Us

The historical Sufi shrine Khanqah-e-Arifia located at Saiyed Sarawan, Kaushambi, Allahabad (India) has been serving mankind by various ways since its existence and establishment in 1886. The current Sajjadah Nasheen (Successor) Sheikh Abu Sayeed Shah Ehsanullah Mohammadi Safawi, the Great Sufi Preacher established a public charitable trust named Shah Safi Memorial Trust in 2004 to serve the mankind in a systematic and well-moderated style.

It is a registered organization since 7th of July, 2004. It emphasizes on the subjects, which are seminally related to socially compelled elements. This public charitable trust, by nature, ameliorates the deplorable condition of the suffering communities and brings them for meaningful purposes in the nation as a whole.

Without integrated activities bottom leveled basement core cannot uplift to the middle and top core. For bridging this gap Shah Safi Memorial Trust has been actively endeavoring its best to pay rapt attention to those who are still selected mergeable but separated in outlook (i.e. All those who are still deprived of getting due opportunities).

At present Khanqah-e-Arifia and several other organizations are running under Shah Safi Memorial Trust. Jamia Arifia, a modern Islamic educational institute and all its branches are running under this trust also. Besides this, the trust donates pecuniary asylum to some other educational institutions, organizations and societies also.

This charitable trust also bears all the expenditures of Shah Safi Charity Clinic, which gives free treatment not only to the students of Jamia Arifia, neighboring villagers but also to others who live far and wide. The trust periodically organizes Free Medical Camps and various types of cultural and social programs in the premise of Khanqah-e-Arifia.

Unity and integrity are the soul of the society. Therefore the trust organizes annually a communal harmony and peace program by the name of Shanti Ka Paigham Insaniyat Ke Naam (Peace Message to Humankind) on the occasion of the birthday of the Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him). It also provides as per need several kind of assistance to poor, helpless and needy people like fooding, lodging, and to lessen the burden of poor parents, the trust also organizes camps for dowry free marriages. It also sets up hand pumps where people have no facility of adequate and pure water supply.

In brief the Trust has been regularly making impressive efforts to serve mankind without any distinction of color, gender, race and religion and to uplift the downtrodden people.

Our Founder

Sheikh Abu Sayeed Shah Ehsanullah Mohammadi Safawi fondly known as Abbu Miyan, the Great Sufi, Preacher, Reformist, Socialist and Peace Maker of current era is well-renowned in India and abroad for his works and services in the fields of education, social welfare, and in terms of preaching peaceful Islam as well as bringing out love, brotherhood, spirituality and honesty to our society.

Sheikh Abu Sayeed Safawi is the spiritual master and caretaker of the Khanqah. He obtained his early education at home and after completing primary and secondary education in Allahabad, joined Aligarh Muslim University to complete his graduation in Persian. He has also studied Islamic Sciences specially the books of Sufis and Sufism and today he is a true Muslim, a Sufi master and preacher of beautiful & peaceful teachings Islam not a debater who shuts the mouths and does not enter the hearts.

His magnetic personality, high moral values, exemplary character and Sufi style of living attract people from all walks of life towards him. Men and women of all sections of the society without any discrimination visit his Khanqah, the Sufi shrine in folk. He stresses upon the love of Allah and service for the whole human being. His vision of the world is marked by a highly evolved sense of peace and tolerance. He believes in the traditional Sufi ideas and its implementation and holds monthly Sufi music program (Qawwali) at his Sufi Centre. These programs, which he leads are always filled with ecstatic spiritual Ahwaal (States) like weeping, crying, calling unintentional Sufi slogans, etc. This Khanqah provides Langar (free of charge food) twice a day for more than 700 people.

In brief, Sheikh Abu Sayeed Safawi is one of the most prominent, pragmatic and dynamic Sufi of the current era and his Khanqah (Sufi Centre) invokes the sweet memories of old golden Sufi and Khanqahi age.

Aims and objectives

The objects of the trust are as under:

  • To setup, run, maintain, finance and support educational institutions, lecture halls, boarding houses, libraries, reading rooms and other projects, programmes, courses and activities for advancement of education and skills in any branch of knowledge.
  • To setup, run, maintain, finance and support research institutions, research projects, programmes and activities for promotion of research in any branch of knowledge.
  • To grant, or provide scholarship, stipends, prizes, rewards and awards and to finance and support in each or in kind, the needy or meritorious students.
  • To promote education of the children in India in general, particularly children in Uttar Pradesh belonging to Muslim Community and / or any other minority community and / or any weaker section of society and to do all acts take all steps for the attainment of this object, including, inter alia, obtaining and collecting fund through donations(s) / grant(s) / endowment(s) in cash and / or in kind from individual(s), organization(s), government(s), authority(ies), foundations(s) etc.
  • To promote sports and to setup, run, maintain and finance stadiums and play grounds and to extend support in cash or kind for promotion for sports.
  • To grant prizes rewards and awards in cash or in kind to teachers scholars, sportsmen and social workers and others for their distinguished services to the society and for their distinctive attainments in their respective fields.
  • To setup, run maintain, finance and support Dharamshalas, community halls, welfare centers, marriage halls, orphanages, old age homes, widow homes, lunatic asylums and asylums for the poor for the welfare and benefit of public.
  • To give and provide for assistance or help in case or in kind to poor and needy persons and to implement any programmes, projects and other activities for providing livelihood and upliftment of such persons.
  • To setup, run, maintain, finance and support charitable hospitals, dispensaries, maternity homes, child welfare centers, family planning centres etc, and other programmes, projects and activities for providing medical relief and aid to the suffering humanity.
  • To promote develop, encourage, finance and support programmes, projects and other activities for promotion and development of music, dance, drama, fine arts and handicrafts.
  • To give and provide for relief, assistance and help in cash or in kind to persons affected by earthquakes, storms, epidemics and accidents etc.
  • To finance and support programmes, projects and activities for promotion and preservation of cultural heritage of India and the monuments and places of historical importance.
  • To organize, promote, run, finance and support programmes, projects and activities for maintaining communal harmony, peace and tranquility in the society and for national integration.
  • To organize, promote, run, finance and support programmes, projects and activities for eradication of prevailing social evils and unhealthy customs.
  • To extend help and assistance in cash or in kind for the marriages of girls and boys of poor families.
  • To organize, promote, run, finance and support programmes, projects and activities for development of pollution free environment, green earth, and preservation of ecological balance.
  • To publish and / or finance and promote publication of books, journals, periodicals and other literature for physical, cultural, mental, moral and spiritual advancement of public.
  • To organize, promote, run, finance and support programmes, projects and activities for the beautification of any city, town, village or any part thereof for providing required civic amenities and facilities, such as good roads, drinking water, sanitation, public lighting, public transport, communication, public health and hygiene, public shelter, plantations, public parks, play grounds, meeting places, cremation and burial places, and provision for celebrating community festivals and functions and other programme of public safety, etc for the benefit of public.
  • To give donations to or otherwise finance, support and help any institution, trust, association, body or person for furtherance of any of the wholly charitable objects of the nature described herein above or similar thereto.
  • To take-up, run, finance and support any other projects programme and activities of general public utility not involving the carrying on of any activity for profit.
  • The trust hereby is created wholly for the charitable objects and nothing contained herein shall be interpreted or construed to authorize the trustees to utilize, and portion of the trust funds or its income for objects or purposes which are not wholly public charitable objects or are religious in nature.

Our Employees

Maqsood Ahmad
Father's Name: Iftekhar Ahmad
D.O.B: 05/02/1989
Aadhar Number: 816491859451
Designation: Teacher
Date of joining: 15th April 2009
Employee Code: SSMT-01/2009

Shahzad Ahmad
Father's Name: Shafeeq Ahmad
D.O.B: 08/02/1990
Aadhar Number: 653514278145
Designation: Teacher
Date of joining: 10th May 2010
Employee Code: SSMT-02/2010

Afzaal Ahmad
Father's Name: Afzal Ahmad
D.O.B: 01/01/1999
Aadhar Number: 424985389519
Designation: Electrician
Date of Joining: 15th March 2010
Employee code SSMT-03/2010

Md Jahangir Hasan
Father's Name: Md Sabir Husain Ansari
D.O.B: 09/12/1980
Aadhar Number: 967746930957
Designation: Teacher
Date of Joining: 25th March 2012
Employee code SSMT-04/2012

Mohd Refat Raza Noori
Father's Name: Munshi Abdul ghaffar
D.O.B: 12/10/1984
Aadhar Number: 231455143874
Designation: Teacher
Date of joining: 4th Jun 2014
Employee Code: SSMT-05/2014

Akil Ansari
Father's Name: Alam Ansari
D.O.B: 01/01/1983
Aadhar Number: 486319103924
Designation: Teacher
Date of joining: 17th July 2014
Employee Code: SSMT-06/2014

Mohammad Zaki
Father's Name: Shokin Husain
D.O.B: 01/01/1992
Aadhar Number: 340402197164
Designation: Teacher
Date of joining: 06th Aug 2014
Employee Code: SSMT-07/2014

Saeedulla Khan
Father's Name: Mohibullah Khan
D.O.B: 10/08/1985
Aadhar Number: 771424323482
Designation: Teacher
Date of joining: 12th Aug 2015
Employee Code: SSMT-08/2015

Dilshad Nuruddin Hashmi
Father's Name: Nuruddin Sattar Hashmi
D.O.B: 19/04/1996
Aadhar Number: 291631747006
Designation: Teacher
Date of joining: 22nd May 2017
Employee Code: SSMT-09/2017

Mohammad Aftab Alam
Father's Name: Mohammad Ramzan Ali
D.O.B: 21/12/1986
Aadhar Number: 841744282125
Designation: Teacher
Date of joining: 1sth April 2017
Employee Code: SSMT-10/2017

M Asim
Father's Name: Shafih Ahmad
D.O.B: 01/01/1992
Aadhar Number: 498192791061
Designation: Teacher
Date of joining: 09th Sep 2018
Employee Code: SSMT-11/2018