Current Appeal

The Masjid of Khanqah and Makhdoom Shah Safi Hostel are under construction, Please offer your support for both of them.


Communal Harmony and peace program

The trust is tremendously determined to organize at least one program every month mainly with a view to tender communal harmony and peace preaches before a considerable number of the audiences to maintain peace and harmony irrespective of their castes, creeds, religions, sects or communities. They regularly attend this monthly program of the trust and get them benefited. How to achieve self-consciousness, self-reliant, self-confident and how to become free from greed, excessive attachment, anger, and hate retaliation, etc. and how to surface universal peace and brotherhood. These kinds of program are being discussed and preached during the program.

Special session is also being held on the utility of the Indian saints in order to spread universal peace and harmony in their own languages and thoughts.

Annual Peace Day

Peace is especially important in today's world. This is because Conflict exists wherever you look. Whether it is between countries, religious groups, individuals or any other unit, controversy fills the world. So, establishing peace is must for us, our communities and our world.

This is why the Trust organizes every year a very nice program named “Annual Peace Day” on the occasion of The Prophet Mohammad’s (S.A.W.) birthday, which is celebrated on 12th of the Islamic month of Rabiul-Awwal. This program is mainly held to commemorate our beloved prophet and to share with the common people the practical and theoretical messages of the Final Prophet towards peace, prosperity, education, health and spiritual development.

What does peace mean, according to the narrations made by and the verses revealed upon our prophet? How can we create peace? What values for peaceful cooperation must we give priority? What are the issues in achieving peace? What will our world be like when we achieve peace? Will we be peaceful alone or sharing this world? How important is others’ peace to our own survival? How important is preserving our environment for achieving peace? What should we give up and change for the sake of peace? Speeches on above mentioned types of topics are delivered by prominent peacemaker speakers in the program.

The Trust believes that peace starts with the individual. So, the Trust through this program and its other peacemaking activities, inspires and empowers people to be more at peace with themselves, others and the environment. The Trust’s target is to create a global community that can actively work towards peace. Because one by one and together we can all make a difference.

Anekta mein Ekta

Unity and integrity is the soul of the society. Provisions have been enacted so thatpeople hailing from all communities of the society can avail themselves of the education being disseminated under the ambit of this trust and can share their knowledge with one another. The sufi generis example of Anekta mein Ekta can be practically noticed here that there are presently eight teachers in addition to non – teaching staff members hailing from non muslim families who have utterly devoted their untiring services to the trust . Under their valued services the trust runs with added vigor.

Monthly Spiritual Program

One of the main objectives of the Trust, together with education, is to promote Sufi music. So the Trust organizes ‘Qawwalli Program’ that constitutes Sufi music once a month indeed. The scheduled date for this program is 21st of each Islamic month. Abdul Hafeez, a religious Qawwal and well trained by the sacred hands of Sheikh Abu Saeed, along with his group performs spiritual Qawwali in the program. The audience listens intently to the songs sung by the group, and when one is affected by any message presented by the songs, he suddenly weeps or shouts, raises his arms, stands, or even rises to move about in a kind of spiritual or ecstatic dance.

Today when, Qawwali has undergone a dramatic transformation and become a commercial genre rather than a spiritual and ritual function. Through this program, Sheikh Abu Saeed Shah Ehsanullah Chishti tries his best to revive the old spiritual Qwwali system. The Qwwali Program presented at Khanqah-e-Arifia enriches in the hearts of people who attend it regularly sense of love, devotion and longing (Divine Love). The Trust has a ‘’Training Centre’’ too to promote Sufi music that is actively playing its pivotal role.

Preaching of Peaceful Islam

It is the fact that in today’s world, two types of Islam are found; Peaceful Islam-the religion came with our beloved prophet Mohammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and Violent Islam-the movement originated by so-called jihadists to implement their own agenda, issues or beliefs, not to represent true religion. Peaceful Islam emphasizes on the need of peace, love, tolerance, harmony and mutual agreement among the people and abhors violence and conflicts. The Trust follows the first one and makes efforts as much as possible to preach it at local, national and international level.

The founder of the Trust Daie Islam Sheikh Abu Saeed Shah Ehsanullah Mohammadi Safawi has a specific identification in the field of preaching the Peaceful Islam. His inimitable personality is characterized by following the way of Quran and Sunnah. Similarly, his personality is marked by love, loyalty, spirituality, honesty, altruism, human service and abundant eager to disseminate the message of Islam especially in those areas where Islam is totally unknown.

His magnetic personality, high moral values, exemplary character and Sufi style of living attracts people from all walks of life towards him. Men and women from all Muslim and Non-Muslim sections of the society visit Khanqahe Arifia cared by him.

He says that my Islam is just as mentioned in this Hadith of Musnad-e- Ahmed: “A Muslim is a person who does not harm people with his tongue or with his hands”. His vision of preaching Islam is marked by a highly evolved sense of peace and tolerance. He also says that man is the best creation of Allah. So, man must be loved, respected and protected.

Hundreds of Hindus and Sikhs had accepted Islam giving hands in his sacred hands. Similarly thousand of sinner Muslims being affected by his religious, moral and spiritual addresses had repented (to Allah) before him and promised not to commit sins and misdeeds of the past and they are thoroughly fulfilling their promises.

Daie Islam visits remote and near villages of Allahabad now by vehicles, but in past on foot to propagate Peaceful Islam with the help of his Islamic behaviors and nice advices. Likewise, he makes national and international tours for the purpose of preaching Islam.

His whole life is dedicated to the service of Islam. Making ill-character people pious and struggling for the spiritual and social betterment of human folk has been his lifetime mission. He has produced a number of trained caliphs and disciples.

Now, he trains a nice group dressing it with his own peace loving and spiritual soul who will actively operate Dawa Centre (Islam Broadcasting Centre that will be built very soon and presided by Daie Islam) and through this using electronic and print media and other means including tours, travels and visits universally spread Peaceful Islam.

Moreover Jamia Arifia has launched a course named “Advanced Diploma in Dawa and Islamic Studies” that attracts students from all madrasas of India and trains them for the same pious cause.