Current Appeal

The Masjid of Khanqah and Makhdoom Shah Safi Hostel are under construction, Please offer your support for both of them.


Institutes and educational centers

The centered activity of the trust as mentional in its trust deed is to give strong emphasis on education by establishing institution and run and maintain the same with good environs and augment other educational institution, lecture halls, boarding houses libraries, reading rooms and some other such projects, Program and activities for advancement of education and skill in any branch of knowledge.

Literacy programme for the illiterates

Jamia Arifia of the Khanqah-e-Arifia welfare society (a registered society ) of theShah Safi memorial trust runs myriad courses under the names of Hifz(Reading & memorizing Arabic scripts), Tahtania, Fauqaniya,Aliya,(Munshi, Moulvi and Alim) etc. together with NCERT English, Mathematics and Science upto 12th standard. Persian, Arabic, Hindi and Computer education have also been made mandatory for all these courses subject to national standard.


Scholarships are being awarded on merit-cum means basis. There are three to four Scholarships,

viz-a-viz, Shah Safi Scholarship, Shah Arif Safi merit scholarship, Shah Ehsanullah Scholarship etc.,for our students.

Vocational training for income generation

Unemployment is now becoming one of the intractable problems which we are to go through previously. The need of the hour is to train our students in their study period where they can generate income not only to meet their personal wherewithal but also to succor their under- privileged family members.

During the period of their pursuing courses they can generate income even in their study period. During holidays/ vacations, several schemes each of them in the areas of sales, management, promotion, manufacturing and R & D for their products like achaar, Murabba, jam, papad, chips, sewing, herbal, medicines, and oils etc are available for this purpose.

Some of the students have been given typing skill in Urdu, Hindi and English. Some of them are being provided with secretarial practices and Administrative training coalescence with computer operations (M.S. Office, In-Page, DTP etc.) While some of them are given prime attention to develop their writing skill, spoken ability and also to translate one language into another. All this training and guidance are given to each interested and needy student to get him or stand on his or her own feet and to make him or her as self-employed

Books Distribution

Several useful books, journals and pamphlets are being distributed amongst the students and the interested readers with no cost. The students and the readers also avail Shah Ehsaanullah Library of the trust.


Regular seminars, workshops, Conventions and paper presentation are also held & regular assistance is also provided to the students in making the same.

Physical Fitness

The student has been provided the guidance how to keep themselves Physically fit and body strong by regular exercise and physical training. In the last period of the evening session the students play cricket, football and badminton. Some of them prefer to plaly Kabddi, kho-kho, tug of war, etc.

Science and Craft Development

Science and craft exhibition are being organized where the students have been provided with ample avenues to evince their concept understanding, development in the matter under the supervision of the learned mentors.

Informal Education

He trust conducts some capsule classes with accelerated momentum to inculcate the science of moral, civic and social values so that one can be a boon of the society and also make one able to connect him or her with the mainstream of the country and to serve the nation well.

Boarding and Lodging Facility

Since the majority of the students who have got admissions at this trust belong to a very poor family and are not in a position to bear their essential expenses commodities. Keeping this helplessness of the students in view, the trust happily manages for their fooding, lodging, boarding and education support.


The Trust also donates pecuniary asylum to some other educational institution, organizations and society. For example, the Shah Safi Memorial Trust financially supports Darul Uloom Qadriya located at Fatehpur, Jamia Islamia located at Paras, Kaushambi and M/S K. A. Welfare society located at Kaushambi, Darululoom Ghausiya Mumtazululoom located at Nanmai, Kaushambi, Madarsa Iqra Nisar located at Rohi Kaushambi.