Current Appeal

The Masjid of Khanqah and Makhdoom Shah Safi Hostel are under construction, Please offer your support for both of them.



General Health Facility

Good health is necessary for overall growth of human beings in all walks of life. But this is a sorry situation that the Indian populace is poor in large and not able to maintain good health. This is why the trust organizes health facility camps for the needy and the poor. Monthly medical camps are also being organized especially for polio eradication.


Children are the flowers of our national garden and the future of our nation.

Children are very much susceptible to various diseases. They very easily become the victims of various diseases mainly because of unawareness. For this purpose, periodical seminars on childcare are being organized to make awareness among public to prevent their kids from diseases by applying few easy techniques, like use of boiled water, milk, cover their body, play in safe and clean places etc. Free medical camps are also provided to examine their health and to advise their parents and guardians as the case so requires.

Poor Girls`Marriages

The poor family faces a lot of difficulties in choosing mates for their innocent girls. To lessen the burden of such poor parents, the trust organizes camps for marriages in group. During the year 2012 to 2013, nuptial-knot-tied of twenty poor girls were celebrated free from dowry by untiring and concerted efforts of the trust. This is further happy to note that all of them are living happily with their husbands and other members of the family.

Old Age Home

In our modern society old aged people face a lot of problems in their home, they are forced to lead a secluded life that causes them a number of psychological diseases, keeping this in mind the trust provides home to old aged people in a peaceful and spiritual environment, so they are able to lead a dignified life, the trust takes care of their health and other basic needs and facilities.


All of us know the plight of orphans in our society, they are one of the most neglected section of our society, To make our society a developed base on equal rights and values, the trust provides them lodging, fooding, education, vocational training, medical care and other facilities. Currently it is housing dozens of orphans belonging to different region of India.

Clothes to the poor

The trust distributes pieces of clothes to the poor on the occasion of Eid every year. The sewn payjama, kurta, lungi, dhoti, roomal, cap, Shalwar, jumphar, dupattas, sarees etc., are being distributed amongst the poor girls, boys, men and women.

Music and culture

One of the main objectives of the trust together with education is to promote Sufi music. So the Sufi music, Qawwalli programmes are being organized frequently. Training centre to promote Sufi music is actively playing its pivotal role at the trust.


Synchronization, Good governance and transparency are very essential for any organization to attain its oriented objectives with due justice. For this purpose, the trust has stablished various separate departments/cells as under: Expansion of the trust and its off-shoots such as Khanqah-e-Arifia welfare society and its institution Jamia Arifia.

Further, how to recruit competent teachers and staff at the trust for gamering quality quantum of work from each of them.How to build up this trust to be hub of making and producing quality human capitals to bring the nation globally at the zenith.

    • Finance and Accounts

    This section deals with the work pertaining to receipt and expenditure of the amount.

    This section also sees the avenues and how to generate money.

    • Academics

    To frame course curriculum and to hold seminars, symposia, conventions, workshops, etc.

    • Admissions

    For new intake into various courses

    • Examinations

    This Branch is to conduct examinations & evaluation and make all necessary pre and post examination preparation.

    • R & D

    This Research and Development department is to see how to extract quality on cheap and best policy.

    • Purchase and store

    To purchase the items as per the norms and to store or to disperse the same to the concerned section, preparation of tender notification, summary of the quotations, qualitative statement of the quotations, purchase orders, entry of the items into stock register etc, are being done and maintained by the section.

    • Internal Audit

    For internal auditing of the receipt and expenditure

    • Statistical cell

    To procure different figures in a statistical order

    • Training and placement centre

    To provide training and counseling to the students and also to help them in finding placement for earnings

    • Library department

    For writing and composing of books & journals. To procure books for library and also to maintain their catalogue.

    • Sports and cultural cell

    To assist and organize sports, games and cultural activities.

    • Coordination and liaisoning centre

    To cultivate the atmosphere of mutual coordination and understanding between all the departments, sections and branches of the trust.

    • Scholarship cell

    To create healthy competitive atmosphere by awarding prizes on merit-cum-means basis.

    • Grievance Redressal cell

    To ventilate the grievances of any individual student and employees.

    • General health centre

    To provide first aid and for periodical routine checkup of the students and its employees.

    • Campus Development Department

    To see the estate, construction and maintenance of the buildings.

    • Indian System of Medicine Department

    To manufacture herbal medicines and to sell them after getting due approval/ license from the concerned department of the state / central government.

    • Patriotic and Harmony Department

    This is the special feature of this trust where such a separate department has been established to inculcate patriotic values, moral, civic and societal values amongst its students and the audiences. To cultivate the attitude of self-reliant, self-confident, self-dependent and to free from excessive attachment, greed, anger, hate, retaliation, spiritual evolution and mental peace are also inculcated amongst the students and the audiences.

    • Administration

    This department acts like a catalytic department to monitor over all the other departments of the trust and to provide all assistance to each department for their smooth functioning.